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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  April 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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habits, it's hoped small electric vehicles will be a part of it. and when is the last time you said that on your commute to work? melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> might be fun. the news keeps coming. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge is closely following a developing story. a mad rush at airports worldwide. planes are finally on the move days after a volcano in iceland wreaked havoc on air travel. our cameras were roll drag when some weary passengers got the good news at dulles airport. but the travel chaos isn't over yet. it will take time before everyone can get home. bob barnard working this one tonight. >> reporter: brian, british air space reopened at 5:00 this afternoon eastern time. airlines to and from other european cities were already gearing up and taking off but flight schedules are far from getting back on track. throughout the terminal at dulles airport, stranded international airline passengers are still camping
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out going nowhere fast. a british airways supervisor says they're not sure when flights from washington to london will resume. the bewildered pettitte family has a message for the british government. >> that they seriously think about other means other than jet travel of getting people home. for example, deploying ships, the navy, for instance, troop carriers. >> reporter: in fact this brand new cruise ship is being sent to spain to ferry stranded brits back to the u.k. back at dulles 30 french exchange students are finally going home. their ten-day visit to delaware extended nearly a week. >> and so we were very fortunate because we went back to our families, hosting families and we had a great time. >> reporter: at international arrivals, passengers stuck in europe for much of the past week seemed in good spirits. >> i was getting worried because they were running out of foie gras in spans. it wasn't a bad place to be stuck. i was fort fat. >> reporter: early in the day
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an anxious crowd of air france customers waited. >> they cold me to come to the airport and try my luck. roll the dice and see what happens. >> reporter: when the air france ticket counter reopened for business, its agents got an ovation. moments later the manager hopped up on the counter. >> thank you for your patience. and we hope that we will take you where you want to go. >> reporter: but some air france passengers are leaving not happy with the airline's customer service. >> the website was down. the number to call was down. when you came here, they said you must look at website. people said how can we view the website. the website is down. call us. how can you call. the numbers aren't operational. >> reporter: it's still a mess and will be for days. air fans says it's honoring reservations on the flights that are now flying. everything else, even though stranded for nearly a week, will have to fly standby.
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>> bob barnard tonight. the news edge on d.c. now. a famous actor turned white house staffer wound out the victim of a holdup. kal penn was robbed at gunpoint early this morning near 15th in northwest. a group of men forced him to the ground, took his wallet and government i. didn't. he was not hurt. neighbors tell us they're not surprised by the crime. >> people held up at gunpoint here on this block a couple of weeks ago or not too long ago. all around within a couple of blocks from here. >> of course i'm concerned but we also know we live in a city and we need to be cautious and take care of yourself. >> we're told there's been a series of robberies in that area. some of the most stolen items, ipods and iphones. police have made another arrest in the kid napping and attempted sexual assault of a teach near adams morgan. jeremiah juwley and one of the
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teacher's 15-year-old students abducted the teacher. they don't think the teen realized it was his teacher until they pushed her into her suv. she suffered severe cuts to her arm. derailments and more, a bad 12 months for metro. now the governors of maryland and gentleman virginia are teaming up with the mayor of d.c. to personally get metro back on track. >> reporter: the governors of virginia and maryland and the mayor of d.c. spent muscle of an hour discussing metro safety issues and agreeing they want to personally intervene. >> we feel changes must be made. we need to have more ability to have accountability in that system. >> reporter: the board that oversees metro is selected in different ways. in maryland the government appoints the local board members and alternates. in d.c. the mayor appoints half. the city council appoints half. in virginia the governor has no say. local board members are appointed by the various virginia cities and counties that metro runs in.
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these three executives want more power over the metro board. >> it's time for the governors and the mayor be a little more hands on and we'll be working through either legislative and statutory changes or using the bully pulpit more. >> reporter: they also want in person periodic meetings with metro's interim general manager and they want to strengthen the tristate oversight committee. some metro riders are dubious about increased oversight from the area's three chief executives. >> i guess i'm not convinced that by injecting themselves personally, they're going to have much of an impact, presumably there are a lot of experts who are already involved one way or another. it's hard to imagine that's really going to do a lot. >> reporter: other passengers welcome the idea of more oversight and want the three executives to use metro's trains. >> they need to ride it and see what's going on because there are a lot of things going on they'll see themselves instead of people telling them.
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they'll -- they need to come out. >> reporter: expect more safety oversight of metro from congress. the house oversight committee wants to hear from the new interim general manager of the subswai system on wednesday morning -- subway system on wednesday morning. john henrehan x, fox 5 news. the district's hopes for a vote in congress dashed yet again. >> majority leader steny hoyer announced today the house will not take up the voting rights bill any time soon. hoyer says he's profoundly disappointed about it. there's a new draft of the bill that city leaders and some members of congress believe would weaken the district's gun laws if they force those lawmakers to vote against the bill. vice presidential candidate sarah palin is supposed to testify in a hacking travel. a high school student hacked into her yahoo account in 2008 and then sent e-mails. he claimed he didn't mean anything criminal. hethere's no word on exactly when palin will testify.
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this man and woman are facing dozens of charges, accused of running a cok fighting breeding ring. they were breeding and training the animals before selling them around the country. officers were tipped off after one of the suspects complained about a neighbor's dog killing some birds. dorothy height is being celebrated tonight for a lifetime of civil rights achievements. she died early this morning at howard university hospital. dr. height was a crusader for social justice and women's rights but she is also being fondly remembered for a staple in her closet. her hats. they were her trademark. >> she was a fighter, a warrior. she always had a warm smile. i loved her hats. i loved the way she dressed. >> i could never forget dorothy with those hats. and the fact that in our lighter moments we learned that she could sing and dance.
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>> height was rewarded for a lifetime of achievement in 2004 when president george w. bush presented her with the congressional gold medal. coming up next... >> as today's case demonstrates, the mafia is not dead. it's alive and kicking. >> the mafia targeted in a giant bust. find out why the feds say the mafia just stepped to a new low. skip the salt but don't skip the umbrella tomorrow, brian. we have showers on the way. check out trueview. they're pushing into southwestern virginia. i'll let you know when they arrive here. the forecast is coming up. but first, a quick check of our rundown. just a few of the stories we're working o. we're back in one minute. t.o. a redskin? say it ain't so. we're back.
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suspected mobsters busted in a giant crackdown in the new york half qa. they were part of the game bean know -- gambino crime family. other suspects are accused of running a online prostitution ring that involved a is a-year- old girl -- a 15-year-old girl. they call that a first. this proves the mafia is still alive and kicking. >> modern mobsters may be less colorful, less glam ross than some of their predecessors but make no mistake. they are still terrorizing businesses. they are still using baseball bats. they're still putting people in the hospital. >> some of the murdered extortion charges the men face date back to the 1980s. feds are also looking into a disturbing pentagon report on iran's nuclear capabilities. the head lienl here, a missile
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could reach the u.s. by 2015. they can't do it alone. the report says tehran needs foreign assistance to complete an intercontinental ballistic missile. in the meantime iran insists its nuclear program is just for peaceful purposes. >> iran routinely puts out -- makes pronouncements and statements about a whole host of their programs that may or may for the actually meet the facts of again what they're capable of doing. >> the pentagon also says iran continues to create instability in iraq by providing money and weapons to the shiite militants. what apple is demanding from a tech blog. skin fans are all talking about that guy. could terrell owens really become a redskin? tonight the team speaks out. we're going to take the edge off with the new tour featuring the king of pop.
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we're back after this.
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united and continental airlines could join -- [ indiscernible ] the airlines are in the early stages of exchanging information. speculation has increased that united is more interested in the larger conts nnl. apple has this precious prototype back. the new unreleased version of the iphone has been returned after an apple employee took it
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to a bar and lost it. the guy who found it says he tried to return it but didn't have any luck so he gave it to the tech blog gizmoto. gave is a stretch because there are reports that he was actually paid $5,000 for it. gizmoto posted the pictures and new features. apple demanded they turn it over. no word on what happened to the employee who lost the phone. shaun shaun back with your fox -- shaun shaun back with your -- shawn yancy back with your fox 5 top five. >> number five, texting is othe teenage communication. a recent study found a third of u.s. teenagers with cell phones text 100 times a day and they text more than they talk face to face. they talk on the cell phone, instant message or log on to social networking sites. number four is not good news for your wallet. prescription drugs are getting more and more expensive. express script says the cost of brand-name drugs rose more than 9% last year, the biggest increase in a decade.
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drug makers blame the price hike on research and development. number three, it is cash for appliance in the d.c. region. the government set aside $3 million to give rebates to consumers. maryland's program starts thursday. virginia's next wednesday and d.c.'s program kicks off in late may. number two, you don't have to go to harlem to experience the historic apollo theater. a special exhibition opens this friday. the exhibit includes all kinds of memorabilia. number one, cut the salt. the fda is considering requiring food manufacturers to put less salt in processed food. the average american eats about one and a half teaspoons of salt a day. that's more than double the recommended amount and high enough to increase the risk of high blood pressure. brian, that's tonight's fox 5 top five.
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we had a beautiful day. i call it california weather. it's dry, 72 degrees, sunny. the rain is in roanoke. >> probably saw the clouds coming in this afternoon. that's the leading edge. won't be cold but the showers will be around tomorrow. a much different day. the showers have not arrived yet. we still have a dry night. pretty comfortable temperature wise. we're still in the upper 50s in many areas. i think we'll start probably near 50 in the morning hours. you may not need your umbrella first thing in the morning but i'll make sure you pack one because we do have them in the forecast. here's the big headline. tomorrow lots of clouds and showers coming in. most of you see these showers in the afternoon. some of you will see them in the morning. they'll be working their way up from roanoke taking a little longer to get to maryland than they will be everywhere else. so at 8:00 in the morning 54 degrees. we're going to say probably still dry. by noon 59, some showers and by 4:00 still some showers out there, 61 degrees. in fact might start to get just a little bit heavier.
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we're thinking a quarter to maybe a half-inch of rain. across the country not much going on. no major storm systems but clearly this is the action to watch. that is the activity that's going to be heading in our direction. already pushing into south southern and western virginia and it will be probably as close by as charlottesville, fredricksburg early in the morning. so clouds will be rolling in ahead of this thing. we have a little bit of a dry slot but that's going to fill in with those clouds as we go through the overnight hours. today was beautiful. reagan got up to 69 degrees. we'll be cooler than that tomorrow. dulles and bwi also in the upper 60s. normal is 68 degrees. as mentioned temperatures are slow to fall. they're falling in some spots. manassas at 48. annapolis 57 and gaithersburg 50 but it's not going to be a frosty cold night like we saw last night in the shenandoah valley. we have similar temperatures up and down the mid-atlantic. no big changes in the temperature department. it's -- all the rain showers will be coming from an area of low pressure that will mainly pass to our south so heavier rain will be down there and
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those showers will likely be around until about this time tomorrow night. then they'll be pushing off the coast and heading out to sea. most of thursday we think looks pretty good but we do think a few scattered showers could try to slip in with this frontal system on thursday. we're going to watch that closely. our max hd futurecast is showing that. beyond that we certainly get some mild air back in here and good amount of sunshine for friday and temperatures probably getting up to about 70 degrees. here's the futurecast so you can see what's going to be happening. showers stay just south but maybe as close by as quantico, fredricksburg at 8:00 in the morning. clouds will be in for everybody else by noon. starting to push into the district maybe not quite to maryland yet but raining across much of virginia and lower southern maryland. and by 6:00 we're watching those showers. at 11:00 they try to swing on by but you can see what we're talking about with a few more showers trying to show up on thursday. in the five-day forecast it's not all showers. we have a couple of dry days in there. it is going to be getting unsettled. enjoy friday while you can and most of thursday will be pretty decent. friday gets up to 70 degrees.
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you can see a few showers on saturday and then more showers and maybe some storms on sunday and that moisture may linger into monday and maybe even tuesday. so while you're sitting inside over the weekend, you can start contemplating the redskins season. dave ross is up next. he knows who they'll be playing first. he'll let you know when we return. [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land
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is that your new car ? uh... yeah ? cool. thanks. i knew i wanted a subaru legacy. i went back and forth on the hood scoop... but i'm glad i went for it. the subaru legacy. feel the love. good evening you to. dave ross in for felt dave feldman felt.
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hot off the presses we have the skins schedule. let's take a look at some key dates. kicks off with a home game against the cowboys. three weeks later mcnabb returning to philadelphia. week nine is the bye week and following that the rematch at home against the eagles on monday night football no less. week 12 the vikings and brett favre come to fed ex field. next week big blue at the new giants stadium. week 15 the regular -- the rematch in dallas and the regular season concludes at home against the giants. published reports so donovan mcnabb has lobbied for terrell owens but tonight mcnabb says that is not the case. whether he wanted t.o. in d.c., the question may be moot because new head coach mike shanahan said the team will not bring in trchlts orchlts and they have -- t.o. and they have, quote, made a decision as an organization not
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to go in that direction. looks like t.o. is a no go in d.c. the redskins did bring in this guy, defensive tackle adam teriker from the rams. the skins flopped the fifth and seventh round picks with the rams in thursday's draft. a former first round pick in his own right back in 2007. he can also play defensive end which could be very helpful in the three-four defense soon to be orchestrated by new defensive coordinator who coached him in st. louis. that's what we call full circle. the redskins are trying to actively move their starting quarterback, jason campbell. we all know he wants to be a starter and that's simply not happening in d.c. so the skins will try to move him on draft day. ; isn't that right? >> it's hard to predict you would think common sense that might happen. there's been some conversations with people who are interested. jason is a known commodity and
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a proven player in this league. but nothing is imminent. >> should be an interesting draft day to say the least. >> your red hot nats have been just that, red hot. winners of four of the last five but everyone gets cooled off and tonight in a manner of speaking, it was down right frigid at nats park. the rockies already in front. this is the pitcher with the bases loaded off tyler walker. no, that's the pitcher? that's a good looking swing. down the line. one run would score. two runs would score. three runs will score. oh, my goodness, the rockies would score eight runs. the nats did score some runs. they got burr but gave up -- got four but gave up 10. 10. [ indiscernible ] look at the great eight.
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from his knees. alex ovechkin. caps win easily 5-1. they lead the series 2-1. game four tomorrow night in montreal. of course, brian, you know with every win the facial hair grows. anything we can do to bring the stanley cup to d.c., we shall do it. brian is back to wrap up the edge in a moment. s
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get ready to experience michael jackson's miesk like never -- music like never before. taking the edge off with details of a new venture. cirque du soleil is planning a live touring show featuring songs from michael jackson. it's set to start late next year. the tour will be followed by a permanent las vegas production in 2012. no dates have been announced yet. cirque du soleil has also created shows based on the music of elvis presley and the beemghtses. -- and the beatles. now you have the news edge. the news is always on have a fantastic night. thanks for joining us. back here tomorrow. hope you will too. fox 5 morning news starts bright and early now at 4:25 a.m. rnnd


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